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Come Thru Market SNAP Coordinator (contract)

$20/hr | 200 hour contract | $4,000 + 28% fringe benefit = $5120 total

25 hours/month April 1- October 31, 2023 

25 additional project hours

This position is responsible for the operation of Come Thru Market’s SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) programs. The SNAP Coordinator represents the market in regional and national food systems work relating to improving access to fresh, healthy food and is supported in pursuing professional development and engagement in these areas.

The SNAP Coordinator helps to manage the market’s Info Booth and is one of the first faces many shoppers at Come Thru Market will encounter. The successful candidate for this position is clear on the mission of Come Thru Market and is prepared to speak to their anti-racist journey via a personal and professional lens, including the resources and practices they utilize on a daily basis. Priority will be given to candidates with direct experience building collaborative projects in Black and/or Indigenous communities.

This position is one for someone who enjoys “building the plane while flying it” as Come Thru Market will be running its second-year SNAP/DUFB program. There is ample room for designing improvements to the system and a short period of time in which to launch them.

The duties of the Come Thru Market SNAP Coordinator include, and are not limited to, the following:


The person in this position will be expected to set and manage their own schedule. The schedule must include 16 hours per month for market days on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, May through October. The previous SNAP Coordinator used this approximate breakdown of their hours:


As Needed

Priority Experience:

The Come Thru Culture and How to Succeed at Getting This Job

Come Thru Market is operated by a small staff of queer farmers of color. We are transparently imperfect and working to continually improve the way in which we show up for Black and Indigenous communities. Consent is incredibly important to us. We ask before we touch, take, or offer suggestions. We work hard and we play hard. We are anti-racist and anti-capitalist. We do our best to offer a trauma-informed approach to running a farmers market.

A successful candidate for this position will move through life guided by their anti-racist practices, it’s not something they have adopted to get the job. They can speak to how racism has harmed them and the communities around them, in normal everyday language, because this is something they think about regularly. They are authentic in their endeavors for continual self-improvement and as such they make mistakes and own them openly. This person doesn’t take themself too seriously and enjoys laughing and joking with the team. 

Interested candidates should contact shiny flanary (she/her) at Send a letter or video that describes how you meet the requirements of the position and addresses why you want to join the Come Thru Market community in this way. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.